Well this has been a rather trial an error situation. My original blog was shut down in response to an emergency about my Wordpress being used in website attacks. As it turns out, Wordpress, as I've come to find out is a bit of a swiss cheese in terms of security and someone was using it to do Pingback attacks without having to gain access to my back end. Initially I thought I would just lock the thing down but as I dug deeper, I realize this was a bit of a problem since there were multiple security flaws with the setup.

Since I rarely work with PHP at work lately and mostly C#.NET, I thought I'd try a little experiment with the restart of the blog. In this case, I'm starting over using Umbraco as the platform for the blog which will allow me to work more often in the CMS which I need to get more familiar with. It might not be the prettiest thing compared to something like Wordpress but it's a start.